Social location

Everything fell into place, like magic

Enhance social events using mobile location

From the kick off to the last action replay, venues, sports teams and brands can harness the power of Mobile Location Data in the Cloud

Expanding a fan base or building loyalty can be achieved in novel ways using location data capture. From insights into fan analytics to better understanding customer behaviour, from social and sentiment analysis to delivering precision and contextual marketing advertisements, location is king. Social and fan gatherings are valuable opportunities to tap into the excitement generated by sporting fervour, right at the time it matters most.

“Saturday afternoon in the city and I had time on my hands while my girlfriend shopped. Using a smart ‘Friends Nearby Alert’ service, I was notified that two of my buddies happened to be watching a soccer match in a nearby pub. Perfect!

Settling in with a beer, we got to see our team score the first goal. Minutes later I received an SMS coupon for a 15% discount on a very nice Sauvignon Blanc. Great timing! I called my girlfriend inviting her to join us for lunch. Everything just fell into place, like magic.”

Location data can leverage magic moments in sport by creating ‘connected’ experiences in pubs and clubs or sporting venues. How good does a 10% discount on a round of sponsored beer sound just as your team kicks the winning goal? Wherever and whenever fans congregate there are opportunities.

JSpectrum NetAdCentre™ with Bluetooth beacons helps users detect their buddies and groups nearby, and equips brands with location data to sponsor social and affinity group gatherings as they happen.

JSpectrum technology that makes this possible