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Fill seats and places using location to target people at the exact right time and place

Businesses that operate on sessional times including cinemas, special attractions, beauty and hair salons often look for opportunities to fill seats or cover last minute cancellations. Being able to target potential customers within the immediate vicinity can improve the chances of successfully doing so.

Proximity provides the opportunity to engage new customers who frequent an area, perhaps on a regular basis and over time their profiles can be created, from which inferences can be made about their age, sex and even the context of their visits to the area. Depending on their time spent in the area we can infer if they work there, or shop there on certain days. Targeting now becomes more specific and using this information, a business can push targeted well-timed messages, offers and coupons to selected potential customers. Testing the success rate of specific offers, the effectiveness of timing along with a whole manner of mobile marketing tactics that are time and place relevant can now be done efficiently and affordably.

Fill seats and places using location to target people at the exact right time and place.

When a girlfriend failed to show up for our shopping outing, I was unsure what to do next. That’s when I received a mobile half-price cinema ticket offer.

Perfect timing! Grabbing a popcorn, I settled back to enjoy a soppy chick flick.

I cried my heart out for two hours straight and loved every minute of it!

JSpectrum technology that makes this possible