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Mobile’s collision with brick and mortar stores continues to challenge retailers as consumers are now better connected, better informed and more nimble than ever. Location-based marketing provides new mobile strategies to boost customer loyalty and increase conversion. It’s affordable technology giving even the smallest business the ability to send consumers the right message to the right person at the right place and time.

Big Green Box, a local organic providore have outgrown their market stall and now launched a store front business. To be successful, they’ll need to identify locals who live and work in the area who buy organics.
Using NetAd Campaign Manager they geofence the growers market to capture data on the people who regularly frequent it. A designated area within a radius of the store has also been defined. When any person who visited the market comes within distance of the Big Green Box, a message is triggered introducing them to the store and today’s special. In-store customers receive a ‘welcome and thanks for visiting’ message with the opportunity to download Big Green Box’s app for rewards and in-store recipes. This is a one-off message, throttled to send to each device only one time.

Over time, CRM and customer analytics are combined to tailor customised messages for favourite brands, offers and rewards – importantly these are delivered when known customers are in vicinity of the store or passing on their way home. They’ve also successfully promoted “Big Green Box” home delivery by combining customers’ location with traffic information as they drive home from work to trigger a message – ‘Stuck in a jam? Order now for free home delivery’. Using location data they’ve also discovered 45% of passing potential customers work in an adjoining suburb, and many frequent a popular café there. They now advertise “Big Green Box” on the cafe’s take away coffee cups and are attracting even more new business.

JSpectrum NetWhere solutions help small businesses drive foot traffic through mobile messaging, engage customers in the physical store and can be used to uncover shopper behaviour and store performance.

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