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Right Person | Right Place | Right Time

The power of knowing transforms brands

Just because the entertainment ends, the experience need not

When immersed in a moment of great entertainment, the world takes on new dimensions. We’re much more likely to be open to offers and opportunities that resonate with that experience. Location data gives sponsors a way to maintain that connection, keeping the emotion lingering long after the show is over.

“Thousands of people came. But for Lilly and her dad, it felt like the concert was put on just for them.Their perfect day started with an SMS greeting on arrival with handy directions to the nearest refreshment kiosk and amenities; there was even a voucher to redeem on ice-creams.
Midway through the concert, Dad received an offer of a special backstage ‘Meet and Greet’ deal with the performers! Lily was thrilled.

On their way home, a message for bus pick-up times and directions to the least crowded bus-stop took the headache out of travelling.

Some days later, Dad was surprised to receive a special offer for the band’s new DVD as he walks past the department store near his office”.

JSpectrum NetWhere™ enables event sponsors to know more about their audience – where they came from, who they were with, even where they went afterwards. Brands can derive more value and loyalty by sustaining and extending a brand experience.

By capturing massive data from the mobile network, JSpectrum NetWhere™ enables sponsors to communicate the right message at the right time. What’s more, JSpectrum’s Predictive Location infers where people are heading; giving brands an unrivalled opportunity to travel with their target audiences, pre-empting their needs. The potential is massive.

JSpectrum technology that makes this possible