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We make walls talk

A new way of interaction and engagement

A new way of interaction and engagement

If walls could talk, what would you learn? The rich stories of a landmarks’ history, insights into a museum’s fascinating collection, or a critics review of a new art exhibition are often buried or just out of reach. Imagine if we could access them at the exact moment when we are there? JSpectrum’s NetAd™ with Bluetooth beacons invisibly ties information to exact locations, creating dynamic new layers of interaction and engagement for millions of tourists daily.

“A mobile geofence acknowledges my arrival at the gallery. Wandering through the exhibition, I discover more about each piece of modern sculpture thanks to a layer of digital information invisibly connected to each artwork. A hidden beacon means I can leave comments attached to certain artefacts, browseable by other visitors in the vicinity. My exit triggers a survey and, as my gallery experience is still fresh, I’m more than happy to provide feedback. The following week I receive a beautiful video invite to a special preview of a major Giacometti exhibition that is coming”.

Galleries, museums and event organisers for concerts, festivals and conferences can use location-based services to enhance customer engagement and influence behavior. Whether it’s by combining triggered information such as vouchers and promotions or gamifying a location with digital clues embedded within a landscape to trigger ‘smart events’. Audiences today have never been more ready and willing to adopt contextual mobile experiences that offer real benefits and value. Make this happen with JSpectrum NetAdCentre™ with Bluetooth beacons.

Your mobile network is the app.

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