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Instant Crowd Sizing

Estimating the number of people in crowds is an important task for many civic organisations supporting large-scale events. Accurate crowd counting is difficult. Most vision-based counting techniques depend on detecting individuals visually, an unrealistic proposition within crowded settings, especially street parades where people constantly join and leave along the way. Often it is impossible to count the crowd from a single view.

By capturing mobile network signalling in real time, JSpectrum NetWhere™ gives network operators the ability to generate anonymous real-time counts across dense crowds with very high accuracy rates. No aerial image processing or infrared sensors are needed.

What is more, NetWhere™ can be used to detect specific audiences, for instance, the number of overseas tourists and those who have travelled from out-of-town. Imagine the value of being able to exclusively target and select those who are most likely to be interested in sightseeing, accommodation or dining deals? NetSenses™ mines massive audience data to create intimate and relevant services and delivers them at the time they matter most.

The Chase family arrived in Paris today to join in the Bastille Day celebrations. The crowd was enormous and somewhat overwhelming. They’d planned to watch the festivities then head off to locate a city bus tour, but it looks like they may need to put their plans on hold. Negotiating their way anywhere is looking difficult.

A voice message alerts them to a half-price city tour leaving the west side of the square in thirty minutes. They respond that they’d like tickets but are unsure how to navigate the crowd and where to go.

The operator, using location and proximity detection provides them with the easiest walking route together with their vouchers for the bus tour.

NetWhere™ uses precise network signalling data to provide destination marketers including tourist operators, hospitality services and venue and transportation service providers with valuable real-time information. By managing operations logistics dynamically, NetWhere™ removes the guesswork, leaving them time to focus on staying ahead of their competition. The opportunities to develop new revenue streams are endless.
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