Crowd Avoidance

Escaping the crowds

Turn location data into a quiet romantic escape

It’s possible to turn location data into a quiet romantic escape

JSpectrum’s real-time NetSenses™ app helps people avoid crowds, find car parking spaces, locate the least crowded beaches or simply the quietest bar for a romantic night out.

Weekends are precious and Thomas and Rose like nothing better than to escape and spend time alone. Forget wasting time driving the coast, looking for the least populated beach with a parking spot. Before setting off, they simply open the NetSenses™ app to make sure their favourite beach is not crowded. Good news, it’s not. That also means parking will be a breeze. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do anything about the water temperature!

JSpectrum NetSenses™ measures mobile device concentration in real time and gauges people density. It instantly generates geographical maps with a visualised people density layer, and it does this across any time and any place. Businesses can access previously hidden information and discover new opportunities made possible by this deeper, birds-eye view of real-time information.

For marketers, NetSenses™ allows campaigns to be much more opportunistic and selective. A leading ice-cream brand wants to take advantage of today’s sunshine to promote a new flavour. Using NetSenses™ they target today’s most popular beaches, offering those beachgoers a two-for-one coupon over their mobile phones to promote the new ice-cream flavour. It’s hot and people are delighted to receive such a well-timed and relevant offer. Best of all, the campaign is selectively targeted and the results are measurable.

JSpectrum NetWhere™ platform helps mobile operators to monetise the value of their data. NetSenses™ visualises the density of active mobile devices geographically in real time.

Your mobile network is the app.

JSpectrum technology that makes this possible