Airports and Airlines

Time flies when your flight is delayed

Improve customer experience using mobile location

Using JSpectrum NetAdCentre™ with Bluetooth beacons, airports and airlines can benefit through delivering targeted unique services that address a traveller’s real-time needs. Data sensing can determine if a passenger is hurrying to meet a connecting flight and respond immediately by pushing a gate map and relevant boarding messages. And for those with time on their hands, NetBeacon™ supports contextual offers that are perfectly timed to co-ordinate with the traveller’s current situation. The effectiveness of a meal offer or an instant travel insurance deal increases exponentially when both time and location are taken into consideration, ensuring promotions are relevant and welcomed by the recipient.

“I appreciated receiving a personal welcome message when I arrived and it was handy knowing where to check-in. Not so happy though when the following message said my flight had been delayed!

Fortunately, things got way better from there when an SMS offering a complimentary visit to the airline members’ lounge arrived. As a regular flyer, I’d been thinking of joining the loyalty club. Relaxing in the lounge, I took the time to review the membership offer and decided it was too good to refuse.   Before I knew it the ‘Time to Fly’ message told me exactly how far I was from my boarding gate and helpfully directed me there with a map.”

Airline carriers can use NetAdCentre™ with Bluetooth beacons to improve their operations; from pinpointing late passengers and detecting their physical proximity to boarding gates, to determining if a passenger is before or after a security clearance border. Invaluable information when it comes to re-scheduling and minimising costly flight delays. Your mobile network is the app.

JSpectrum technology that makes this possible