Use Cases

Learn how JSpectrum solutions can solve existing business challenges; uncover new opportunities and deliver services that can be monetised.

Crowd Avoidance
Escaping the Crowds using Mobile Location

Mobile location helps people avoid the crowds, discover car parking spaces, locate the least crowded shopping centres or beaches, even the quietest bar for a romantic night out. Discover a real-time crowd-avoidance solution that people want and businesses need.

Mobile Campaigns
Fill seats using mobile location

Cinemas, special attractions and service providers like beauty and hair salons often miss opportunities to fill seats and cover last minute cancellations. Using mobile location to identify and target potential customers in the immediate vicinity, marketing and promotions are now more effective, efficient and profitable.

Discovery Beacons
A new way of interaction and engagement

Bluetooth beacons can tie information to exact locations, creating dynamic new layers of interaction and engagement for millions of tourist daily. Discover how tourist information applications using mobile location are revolutionising destination marketing.

Event Marketing
Just because the entertainment ends, the experience need not

Using massive network data, brands and sponsors can capture the moment, communicating the right message, to the right audience at the right time. No matter how big the crowd, identifying your audience, where they came from; and who they are with, means you can get close, when it matters most.

Airports and Airlines
Improve customer experience using mobile location

Airports and airlines can target unique services to address a traveller’s real-time needs. Data sensing determines if a passenger is hurrying to meet a connecting flight, and immediately pushes a gate map and relevant boarding messages. Should a traveller have time on their hands, they’ll be open to highly effective campaigns that combine time and location with a contextually relevant offer.

Social Location
Enhance social events using mobile location

From the kick off to the last action replay, venues, sports teams and brands can harness the power of Mobile Location Data in the Cloud. Location data can leverage magic moments in sport by creating ‘connected’ experiences in pubs and clubs or sporting venues, wherever fans congregate.

Crowd Sizing
Measure Crowd Sizing instantly using Mobile Location

Accurate crowd counting need not be difficult. By capturing mobile network signalling in real time, network operators have the ability to generate anonymous real-time counts across dense crowds with very high accuracy rate.

Local Retails
Small Business Solutions using Mobile Location

Geo Marketing offers small businesses simple, affordable mobile solutions to drive effective, measurable marketing and advertising campaigns. From identifying target audiences and driving foot traffic, mobile messaging to engaging customers in physical stores.

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