A vigilant mobile guardian for loved ones

Feature Highlights

  • Advanced network-based geofencing application
  • Low network utilisation overheads
  • App-free 2G phone tracking
  • Choice of Android app and web-based access
  • Multiple notification delivery channels
  • Convenient scheduling and ad-hoc geofencing
  • Timely event-based alerts


What is Net/Garde™?

Powered by Net/Where™, Net/Garde™ is a network-based end-to-end geofencing application that offers extremely easy to understand and user-friendly web-based applications. It also provides mobile subscribers with an Android smartphone app that simplifies application management anywhere and at any time.

Why Net/Garde™?

Net/Garde™ offers mobile subscribers the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where their loved ones are at any time. While fully supporting legacy phones’ tracking capabilities, it remains a truly a handset-independent solution. Powered by Net/Where™, the end result is a very practical network-based end-to-end geofencing application. An ideal add-on for family service plans, Net/Garde™ ultimately offers mobile operators an attractive additional value-added service with which to build their business. The application’s network-based geofencing capability also delivers many other advantages over device-based alternatives for mobile operators wishing to optimise network resource utilisation.

Low network utilisation overheads

Device-based geofencing applications tend to poll networks several hundred times daily in order to identify the precise location of each target’s mobile device. A truly network-integrated solution capable of capturing all relevant network traffic data at source, Net/Garde™ needs only to perform regular low-overhead checks. As a result, it also places fewer burdens on the network and consumes measurably less battery power than its traditional device-based competitors.

App-free phone tracking

Device-based geofencing systems usually require those being tracked to carry a smartphone pre-installed with a relevant application. Enabling fast, accurate tracking of legacy phones, Net/Garde™ requires no smartphone, no mobile app installation on the device to be tracked and no pre-registration. To be tracked, a devices simply needs to grant tracking permission via an SMS.


Net/Garde™ Android App

Choice of Android app and web-based access

Net/Garde™-enabled mobile subscribers will enjoy a choice of two very simple-to-use interfaces for accessing the service. Users can either manage their tracking through a downloadable app on their Android smartphone or via any mobile or desktop computer’s web browsers.

Multiple notification delivery channels

Net/Garde™ supports multiple push notification delivery channels such as SMS, USSD or email.

Convenient scheduling and ad-hoc geofencing

With Net/Garde™, mobile subscribers enjoy the benefit of being able to create recurring scheduled tracking (e.g. time periods such as study periods while at school during term time , etc). Ad-hoc zone-type tracking can also be set up at any time and will issue an alert whenever a tracked mobile has exited a specified zone.


Net/Garde™ Web Interface

Timely event-based trigger alerts

Net/Garde™ offers subscribers the added advantage of being able to set up different types of alert triggers based on different scenarios. To this end, alerts can be setup to be triggered and transmitted whenever the tracked mobile is entering or exiting a specific zone such as children arriving or leaving their schools at the beginning and end of days in term time. ‘In-zone’ alerts can also be set up when users and their mobiles have over-stayed somewhere for a specified period (e.g. when a child has been asked to stay behind at school by his/her teacher, etc).

Net/Garde™ is a natural application extended from Net/Where™ deployment and an ideal value-added service bundled with family subscription plan.

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