Net/Ad Campaign Manager

Enhance mobile campaigns with location intelligence

Features Highlight

  • Boosts revenue generation with measurable ROI
  • User-friendly access and control
  • Streamlines campaigns/sessions creation
  • Privacy policy management
  • Impactful multiple language messaging
  • Effective campaign prioritisation
  • Support integration of Bluetooth LE beacon management and WiFi AP for indoor locations


JSpectrum’s Net/Ad™ Campaign Manager is a location-centric web GUI management system for advertisers and agencies. It helps you manage your location based messaging campaigns across cities, districts, tourism hotspots, shopping centers, large-scale event venues etc. and of course your local communities.

Net/Ad offers a robust set of features for managing your campaigns:

  1. Campaign Creation: Setting up geofencing on digital maps; contact policy, messaging quota;
  2. Content Creation: Composition of SMS and MMS messages; Interactive SMS; Message sequencing for different parts of customer journey.
  3. Campaign Scheduling: Start and End date/time; daily and weekly sessions. Campaign Priority settings.
  4. Campaign Reporting: Verification on number of messages sent; online reporting, CSV report and campaign analytics download.
  5. Account & User Management: Net/Ad features corporate accounts and user management, workflow and approval, Service and rate plans, prepaid and postpaid credits control.
  6. Precision & Contextual Targeting: Support Composite Event Triggers, Conditional Triggers (e.g. weather and traffic conditions); Customer Groups whitelist; list merging using logical operators (e.g. and, or, nor).
  7. Place Profiling for Campaign Planning: Net/Ad offers visualization of historical data using heat maps which can reveal patterns or relative concentrations in different areas at different time and day. Advertisers can plan their messaging budgets for maximum impact.
  8. Running Campaigns:  A scheduler in NetAd will read every campaign files regularly and consolidate all geofenced locations for NetWhere to execute a series of filtering and processing. 
  9. Campaign Reporting:  When a campaign ends, the campaign owner can view end-of-report campaign online or download report and analysis in CSV format.

Why Net/Ad?

Designed to enhance productivity and profitability, Net/Ad™ boosts mobile marketing campaigns’ effectiveness with added location-intelligence. A genuinely one-of-a-kind location-integrated campaign management tool, Net/Ad™ helps network operators enhance their ROI with a powerful revenue-generator which can be deployed either for internal usage or used externally as a value-added service.

By combining the harvested data with other selection criteria and subscriber profiling (e.g. CRM data), advertisers can ensure campaign messages are only triggered when all necessary conditions are met. In addition to giving mobile operators the confidence and peace of mind of not annoying their subscribers with too many campaign messages, this application also benefits advertisers by maximising their campaigns’ ROI within very targeted groups of subscribers.

Streamlines campaigns/sessions planning

As every successful advertiser knows, campaigns spread across multiple phases tend to produce better results. With Net/Ad, advertisers can set up individual campaign phases as sessions based on different offers, timeframes, locations/zones and event quotas (e.g. the number of coupons issued). By selecting different criteria such as daily, hour or overall quotas, advertisers can then decide whether sessions should stop or continue.

Privacy policy management

Net/Ad also enables users to create corporate or campaign-based opt-in and opt-out interactive messages and create campaign flows to interact with mobile subscribers’ during promotional activities and dynamically manage opt-in and opt-out requests.

User-friendly Account Management

Net/Ad simplifies system administrators’ lives by enabling the creation and management of two tiers of internal and/or external DIY users. Each customer’s account can also be set up to enable easier management of a group of advertisers. Campaign session creation and approval control can also be defined based on type of users for both corporate and advertiser accounts.

With its rich end-to-end, account management and workflow features, Net/Ad is ready for your mobile location targeting business.  Net/Ad can also be used for other revenue-generating services such as place and event profiling, footfall measurements, people counting and observations of movement such as dwell time in shopping malls.

Affordable and business-ready, Net/Ad will transform your mobile network into a “Smart Pipe” for digital services. Net/Ad is future-proof.  Your investment will be protected from the 5G network evolution.

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