Our Solutions

We offer complete end-to-end solutions that span everything from basic data capture to ‘ready-to-use’ mobile apps.

  • Data Capture

    NetProbe™ is designed for 24/7 real-time capture and decoding of 3GPP mobile signalling data to and from Mobile System Centres (MSCs). Enabling the harnessing of massive network signalling data, the system transforms harvested data into useful information about location, time and context triggers.

  • Middleware

    NetWhere™ is a middleware designed to support massive passive location detection. Integrating an Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Mobile Location Protocol (MLP) location server for application-layer connectivity, it enables the handling of location queries between the location server and various applications.

  • Mobile Campaign Application

    NetAdCentre™ is a mobile advertising and marketing campaign management application that delivers location-aware, targeted mobile or advertising initiatives. NetAdCentre’s™ web-based client applications provide a powerful and easy-to-use dashboard-style user interface.

  • Geofencing Application

    NetGarde™ which powered by NetWhere™, is a network-based end-to-end geofencing application that offers extremely easy to understand and user-friendly web-based applications.

  • Network Appliance

    NetRadar™ as an ‘all-in-one’ single-server solution supports network-based location services within a single Mobile Service Centre (MSC) area. Its ‘network appliance’ approach with built-in ‘ready-to-use’ applications enables rapidly deployable ‘plug-and-play’ connectivity for affordably low initial investments.

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