May 28, 2020, Sydney

JSpectrum, a leading LBS vendor in the region, is proud to announce the company’s successful implementation of a nationwide active LBS platform for one of the largest MNOs in Australia. The platform supports various regulatory applications and automatic positioning of “Triple Zero (000)” emergency callers. Location reports are pushed to emergency answering agents instantly as soon as the call is connected. JSpectrum delivered to the MNO customer 3GPP-compliant GMLC and an E-SMLC for LTE for VOLTE. Planned enhancements include higher positioning accuracy using hybrid techniques and real-time terrain analysis to enrich location reports.

 “We would like to thank our customer’s teams of regulatory experts, acceptance testing engineers, core network and eNodeB specialists for their meticulous planning and testing. We look forward to working with them again soon on the next generation of LBS for 5G. JSpectrum is proud to support our MNO customer on the mission-critical and life-saving platform in Australia”, JSpectrum’s CEO Alfred Ng remarks.