What We Do

JSpectrum is the only real-time spatial-temporal event trigger platform company to provide mobile network operators with a complete suite of enablers. Our comprehensive one-stop offering spans from our proprietary 3GPP signalling decoders,   conditional event processor which references aggregated and analyzed mobility history for contexts. Our integrated product and services suite delivers affordable solutions tailored to meet any requirement and budget.

JSpectrum’s commercially proven Net/Where ™ is the only mobility and location trigger service platform that supports real-time data decoding and high-velocity stream processing with no latency.  Net/Where  also support state-of-the-art massive location history data storage on Hadoop for machine learning and deep insights.

From Location Based Interaction applications such as “advertainment”, gamification of content delivery,   Rich Content Service (RCS),  JSpectrum enables network operators to deliver cutting-edge contextual information and services based on users’ current and previous locations, at the exact time it matters most. This is the true power of Where and When.

JSpectrum harnesses massive network signaling data streams to support revenue-generating applications

More than ever, the ability for users to interact with places and people in proximity is changing  how we  shop, play, travel, discover and learn. JSpectrum’s Net/Where gives mobile operators the edge. With our deep network expertise operators can confidently develop the right use cases to meet the needs of their customers.  

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Our Expertise

We offer a full spectrum of solutions from enabling platform to end-to-end applications including

Working with us

As an industry pioneer, we have been at the forefront of network based mobility analytics and event triggers since 2000. Today, our customers include some of the biggest mobile operators in the Asia-Pacific region.

Designed for low network overheads, our LBS platform has been seamlessly integrated into a number of “Network-as-a-Service” (NaaS) platforms. Through numerous commercial implementations, we have developed unparalleled operational experience together with strong commercial insights into business models such as proximity advertising.

JSpectrum develops real-time solutions designed to genuinely enhance peoples’ experiences. We achieve this through partnering closely with clients, letting their needs and ideas challenge and direct our thinking.

We know the most successful applications are both invisible and seamless, sitting in the background, allowing contextually relevant information to be delivered naturally at the exact right moment. More than ever, this is what consumers want and are increasingly demanding.

Who we work with


Who are eager to identify and take advantage of new value-added services and revenue streams for both themselves and their customers.


Who want to access real-time and historic network data for their own Big Data products.


Who want to enhance customer experience campaigns, build memorable brand connections and increase revenue using geo marketing.


Who require accurate location identification and massive data to improve safety and response times, to drive quality decision-making and support new service development.


Who need affordable, measurable location based tools to increase new business generation and improve customer retention.

Our Customers

Leading Mobile Operators in Asia







  • JSpectrum has contributed to the success of our service. We are the first amongst our competitors to have a LBS platform where location detection is based on continuous polling in real-time.


    Tay Yeow Lian, Managing Director of Networks, Singtel
  • JSpectrum has the right blend of expertise and technology insights. The company has deservedly earned a good reputation in the LBS space.
    Katherine Kwan, VP - Product Development & Management, PCCW
  • JSpectrum’s LBS platform performed well and their technical support was of high standard… I would recommend JSpectrum Software Limited with enthusiasm.
    Tony Lau, Senior Manager - Enterprise & Messaging, SmarTone

Our Values


To unleash the full potential of location-based service revenue generation, we take all we can learn, dial up our creativity, employ novel problem solving and use knowledge built from years of mobile network experience; that’s why our solutions will not only define new opportunities, they’ll also shape the future environment.


Agility and resourcefulness define how we work. From cost-effective, easy-to-implement solutions, flexibility, and quick response times to our efficient delivery and support models. We don’t waste time, and we won’t waste yours.


We’ve built our success by carefully balancing investment with revenue creation. That’s exactly what we offer our customers. We design our solutions to be the most competitively priced available; as well as the most scalable. We purpose design for long-term value creation.


We respect individual privacy and believe people should be able to control the use of any data they generate. In return for data they choose to share, we think people are entitled to meaningful benefits, including compelling applications and real-time information that can simplify or enhance their lives. Our systems architecture and data capture capabilities fully respect individual mobile users’ rights to privacy and anonymity.


Complacency is not a word in our vocabulary. If we are to remain relevant and valued into the future, pre-empting the “what next’ is obligatory. Our intellectual curiosity keeps us anticipating future technical capabilities and with it, emerging social and market trends. We continue to invent useful, meaningful solutions so both our own, and our customers’ businesses succeed.

Our People

Alfred Ng
Alfred Ng

Founder and CEO

Alfred is a tenacious technology entrepreneur with decades of telecom industry experience that includes Hong Kong Telecom and Cable & Wireless in London, as co-founder of GSM operator P Plus (now part of SmarTone with TeliaSonera), a member of OFTA Radio Spectrum Consultative Committees, and Vice President of the Mobile Services Group for the Communication Associations of Hong Kong. In 2001 Alfred co-founded JSpectrum Software. Alfred leads JSpectrum’s R&D program aimed at expanding network and network based human activity cognition. Alfred is a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and IEEE, has an B.Sc. in Physics from King’s College London, a MSEE from University College London and an MBA from City University London Business School.

Eric Yung
Eric Yung

Founder and CTO

With extensive experience in designing and coding carrier-grade system software for world-leading mobile operators, Eric is a computational scientist and system architect extraordinaire.   Prior to co-founding JSpectrum in 2001, Eric worked in systems engineering with PCCW IP TV. Eric’s  extensive LBS career brings to JSpectrum a depth and breadth of knowledge across high-performance mobile networks system design, artificial intelligence and networking such as NFV is rarely seen in the industry. His expertise is widely sought after and brings a high level of confidence across our client portfolio. Eric leads JSpectrum’s next-generation product development pipeline. Eric has a MS in Computer Science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Our History

  • During the late 90’s two experienced and enterprising telecommunications engineers, Alfred Ng and Eric Yung predicted ‘location as a service’ would become a powerful and essential requirement for mobility. Telecom networks generated rich, untapped data and big data platforms could help reduce churn, improve operational efficiency and even create new revenue streams by using that data in clever ways.

  • The pair successfully attracted funding from Hong Kong SAR Government’s Innovation & Technology Fund (ITF) and in 2001 JSpectrum was created. Fast forward to 2015, and as predicted, advances in mobile technology and location-aware capabilities continue to transform every aspect of the world around us.

  • JSpectrum is today recognised as an established industry expert, and one that has matured into an independent privately held enterprise with a customer portfolio that includes some of the biggest names in the Asia-Pacific mobile communications sector.