Jakarta, 25 August 2015

JSpectrum announced Metropolis™, a new platform designed to enable mobile network operators to deploy innovative Smart City services.

Metropolis captures real-time trajectory data from the mobile network. Using state-of-the-art streaming and machine learning techniques, the platform aggregates and  transform high volume, high velocity data into one of the most important capabilities of a smart city – visual analytics of population movement as it happens.

Besides capturing, storing and querying trajectory data in real time, Metropolis supports mining of trajectory patterns and models. Users can master the complexity of mobility knowledge and profiles by visual exploration.

Smart services, not just analytics: Most importantly, Metropolis supports real-time event-triggers based on predictive location and anomaly detection. This powerful smart capability will create new revenue streams from services such as smart tourism and smarter location based content and “infomercials” based on users’ “lapsed locations” and current routes.

Privacy: Other important facets of Metropolis  include privacy-preserving data publishing and mining techniques. The platform transforms trajectory data sets into anonymous form and support strong privacy-protection to guarantees high data utility.

Data Fusion: Integration of external data sources such as governments and public transport open data sources.

More information about Metropolis will be available in Q2 2016.